Main advantage of using Automation system

Published: 04th May 2011
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Automation is considered to be one of the main factor to facilitate a transaction or as simply as a process. Many industries are now using the system of automation to have a control over these transactions. Mainly in banking and finance sector the automation innovated systems are using to make sure about the fact that the clients are getting the basic preferred service forms them. The clients who seek some services and needs form a specific firm or company that these services can be provided to them within the control of automation innovated system. An automation systems is a system of control over all namely techniques, services, process etc. the automation technology help to have a control over all the systems and thus to reduce the human efforts. Mainly in the field of production the system of automation helps reducing the human efforts to produce services and production. The industrial automation have been conceptualized that there are numerous automation tools available and used in every industry. It also helps to replace humans in many areas like some tasks which need to carry out in dangerous situations

The system of Automation is a step beyond industrialization that in many industries the automated system of services helps the total working. Automation greatly reduces the need for human to check and control the overall process in an industry. This is the main reason that all industries are using the automation technique. Automation ahs many advantages than the mechanization criteria that mechanization only reduce the effort of human to operate different machines and thus the physical mode of stress relief. Where as the system of automation could help to reduce both the physical and mental stress of carrying out all the processes. Presently many hospitals, medical firms, companies, business firms and almost all industries are make the use of automation to make sure that the transactions are done in the proper manner and to the desired end within time. Hospitals use the automation to make sure that the diagnoses are given to the respective patient in time and in right manner.

Industrial automation is a system which consists of different types of equipments used for custom testing, process automation etc. the main use of automation system in the industries is to create an alternative for both digital and mechanical needs of solving the problems in manufacturing of many products. The automaton system also assists the quality control and testing phases of production. Like the same these systems are used in banking, finance, medical, engineering and all filed. The different types of automation tools used in these industries include the Artificial Neural Networks, Instrumentation, Robotics, Distributed Control Systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Programmable Logic and Automation Controller, Motion control, Human Machine Interface etc. The automation system always uses a software system to control or do the automation process. The main advantage of using automation system is to replace human and to carryout tasks that beyond the capabilities of human such as using heavy tools, timing operations, using machineries etc.

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